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How does German bread greet people?

"Gluten tag!"


I am reblogging this for my guildmate Adwin Darkstrider.

… only replace “Barb” with “Adwin”.

The reaction of all but two other people in chat. You know who you are.



nice try tywin

#tywin would never jaime made these dorks wear the shirt


that mment when I see Wlad’s face for the first time with shitload of my artwork on the table in front of him

Do you do your animations all on your own, or do you work with any people to get them done? Also does it take a super long time to put together something like the video you posted? Awesome work, by the way! I can't wait to see more.


I do them all myself!

"Die Young" as well as "Timber" were boarded, animated, inked, designed, composited, and planned all by me! I also did all the backgrounds as well <3

I do though have volunteer colorists, who handle all the flat coloring of the characters and save them as frames that I can then re-import into TV Paint essentially as digital cels! I owe SO much too my colorists, I had over 20 colorists on Timber, But I only have one colorist so far on “Die Young” and that is this lovely gal right hurrr!

For Timber, the musical score was composed by talented composer Gooseworx

I’d love to enlist more animators for projects, I actually am letting a few of my friends guest animate on “Die Young” because the film is meant too have a lot of background animal characters. But none of that has been completed so far!

Also well… it depends. The animation in the intro, and the rest of the animation I have done which makes up maybe 1/3 of the way through this song, took me about 2 months- BUT thats not counting 2 weeks of being away in LA, and countless lazy days, funks, and family outings. It is summer after all haha.





the thrilling saga in which Panic! owns the fuck out of WBC

A+ handling of the situation


Meanwhile, in Wildstar…..


Meanwhile, in Wildstar…..

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Tag your horror please

I was let down when this wasn’t Chemical Brothers.


can we just…